Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to make reservation?
Yes, Prior reservation is required. Since there are certain preparations, booking 1 days in advance or before is highly recommended.

Are you bike tour safe?
Yes, our tour are ferfectly safe, 100% passing to back-road and villages. Our local guide really know Bali and will help you navigate the Bali Coutryside with ease.

Are your tours in English?
Yes, all of our guides Speak Excellent English , as our number one priority is to provide great insider tours for English speaking

How many people are on yours tours?
At Halo Bike, we think it’s important to keep our group small (usually no more than 10 people with 2 local guide, infront and back ) in order to give travelers the best tour service in the island, with the best value. We are not a tourist processing plan, we care. Ohhh ! You feel the love ! ! But seriously, this way we are able to answer question, tell stories and get to know our custumers better than most other companies.

What happens when it rains?
Because Bali is an amazing island to experience no matter what the weather condition are like, we offer our tours rain and shine. Remember some those romantic movies of Bali in the rain?

What about other Bali Tours?
It’s true, Bali does have other tours. But why spend all day on a slow, polluting bus ? We see more than any other tour in Bali, give you the most interesting info, and have the best value you’ll find. And remember, locals always know best!

What about the kids?
Halo Bike Tours are a great way for famillies to experience the Bali landcape together, and we know kids will love our cool bikes and fun guides. We are also offering special family tours, which are specially designed for families traveling together. If you have children younger than age 10, please do us a favor and let us know by Email : or WhatsApp : +62 813 3880 4051

Do you accept credit card?
For all our tours we only accept cash IDR (Rupiah), $ (American Dollar), Euro.

How and who should i contact if i need to cancle the tour?
Some people might be waiting at the waiting list, so please give us Email : in advance. If you cancle the tour on the day, please call: +62 812 389 0250 or WhatsApp : +62 813 3880 4051