Satria Coffee Plantation and Swing

In the 1700s during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia, workers on coffee plantations were not allowed to drink coffee. But Indonesian coffee workers noticed relatively clean coffee beans in civets poop, so they collected cat poop coffee beans, cleaned, roasted and brewed them. Of course, drop coffee happened to have a better taste than coffee produced as usual. And exotic civic coffee in the World was born.

Kopi luwak is popularly known as the World’s most expensive coffee. Wild kopi luwak cat eats the ripest coffee berries and the best quality coffee is produced from the best coffee beans. Kopi Luwak farm and plantation where we saw some civet cats and learned about the process of production of Indonesian coffee Luwak. The civet cats were in cages but they seemed to be looked after well and Bali plantation with many fruits, spices, herbs, plants grown and used for coffee and tea flavoring.