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A litle Story "Halo Bike Cycling Tour"

Bali Cycling Halo Bike Tour was establised in 2010 by I Ketut Branayoga (as know Yoga ). Yoga has been involved in tourism industry for more than 20 years. He began his career as a Professional Tour Guide , speaking English, Spanish and Italian in a Travel Agency that provided serves to major wholesaler from Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Singapore, Spanish and Italian.

He was involved in escorting tourists around Bali while providing explanations of Balinese Culture. He also worked for more than 9 years on Cruise Ships for Italian based Costa Cruise Line.

This experience in tourism has allowed his to establish his own business in the tourism industry. His Bike Tours are organized by a number of experienced tour guides who are fun, witty, energetic, mature and responsible and will explain Balinese Culture to their clients. On your tour you can stop anytime you wish and the tour guide will ensure your comfort throughout the tour.

We believe our client deserves the most enjoyment they can get from our tours so we will not try to take you on shopping trips that you don’t want to go on. All of our cycles are very well maintaned, clean and always in top form. We have the utmost concern with offering the finest quality for our equipment, team, facilities and services. And our main objective is the satisfaction of our custumer.

A few word from I Ketut Branayoga
OM SWASTIASTU ( Balinese Greeting)

I am I Ketut Branayoga, the one who is very pleased to be your host, friend, guide during your stay on our magnificent island of Bali. With lots of interest and pleasure in sharing the information about Bali. I do hope you will allow me to assist in setting your holiday meaningfully.

We kindly invite you join us on our services as :

Where you will have the adventure of a lifetime. My point is offering the best services personally, in order you will experience Bali as an unforgettable journey destination where your safety and satisfaction is our guarantee.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the Real essence of Bali, come and join us... right now.!!

MATUR SUKSMA (Thank you)
Hope to see you soon... in Bali!
Best Regard
I Ketut Branayoga
Why Us ?
  • Proffessional guide with experience over 10 years
  • Operated local people
  • Family Bussiness
  • Friendly staff
  • The price is nett and no commission fee
  • Reccommeded traveller company
  • An Excellent Buffet Lunch at Balinese Compound "Owner House"

Halo Bike Team